Behind Closed Doors


Baking is a passion of mine. I started baking years ago with my mother and twin sister. We were little girls standing on a kitchen chair stirring the batter and licking spoons. My easy bake oven was one of my favorite presents as a child. As an adult my favorite present was a Kitchen Aid mixer. I consider myself very lucky because I was able to open my first bakery at the age of twenty three. I am now operating my third bakery.

One day while having lunch with my accountant, we started brain storming on ideas of what to name my gourmet cookie. We started rhyming words with cookie and Better Than Nookie Cookie was created.  Chocolate Desire is the name of the first and original Better Than Nookie Cookie. My goal is to sell Better Than Nookie Cookies world wide. I want it to become a recognized name as familiar as Mrs. Fields.
With my dedication, creativity, enthusiasm and hard work this is a dream come true. Not only will you be intrigued by the name and merchandising, you will truly be orally satisfied by the taste of this cleverly marketed gourmet cookie.

Sheila Killion, Master Baker

Top 10 reason why David Letterman needs the Better Than Nookie Cookie