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Better Than Nookie Cookies are exceptional gourmet cookies, made of the finest ingredients with affectionate care. Once you are fulfilled, you will yearn for more Better Than Nookie Cookies. You will want to share the experience, or keep the pleasure “your little secret”.

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 Better Than Nookie Cookies can be shipped any place. Or call 608-756-3146 to pick up an order in Janesville Wisconsin.



Chocolate Desire

Chocolate Desire…. Bitter sweet chocolate chunks, english toffee pieces, lightly salted roasted pecans, old fashioned rolled oats, pure cane sugars, all butter and pure vanilla. Then for the ultimate climax the cookie is dipped in chocolate.

Passionate Peanut Butter

Passionate Peanut Butter… All butter, creamy peanut butter, pure cane sugars, peanut butter chips, toffee pieces and roasted peanuts. Then for the ultimate climax the cookie is drizzled with chocolate.

Coming soon….. other tantalizing flavors……

Ravenously Raisin, Between the Sheets (a sandwich cookie), Pucker Up (a lemon cookie)

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